Brian Gahsman, CIO/PMBrian currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Contego (effective July 2018). Brian also serves as the Portfolio Manager of private accounts as well as the AlphaCentric Global Innovations Fund sub-advised by Contego.

Previously, Brian, along with Robert Branton, formed Gahsman Branton, LLC to focus exclusively on making investments in businesses benefiting from the robotics and automation theme. In March of 2017, Brian and Robert Branton joined Pacific View Asset Management, where Brian was responsible for managing the PVAM Global Innovations Strategy and AlphaCentric Global Innovations Fund.

In April of 2013, Brian joined investor Steve Leuthold as portfolio manager co-managing the Leuthold Strategies Fund along with a number of private accounts. In this capacity, Brian mainly focused on investments in global water, robotics & automation and biotech. In 2015, Steve Leuthold formally retired and the Leuthold Strategies Fund was closed.

In April of 2008, Brian joined the Leuthold Group (Leuthold Weeden Capital Management) as an Operations Research Analyst/Institutional Trader.

Prior thereto, Brian served as a Global Network Management Consultant, within the International Asset Services Group, at Wells Fargo. His responsibilities included oversight and account maintenance of Foreign Securities and American Depository Receipts.

Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the quantitative securities analysis program of Haworth College of Business, at Western Michigan University, in July of 2004.